Night Tennis Competition

Eley Park Tennis Club has 19 teams competing in the Blackburn & District Night Tennis Association BDNTA.
The Association has 43 Venue Clubs, 49 Sections and 376 teams.
It stretches from East Doncaster (N) to Oakleigh (S) and from Knox City (E) to Grace Park, Royal South Yarra and Melb Uni (W).

Each year, the Spring Season commences in late July and runs for 14 rounds plus finals until late Nov/earlyDec. The Autumn Season commences in late January and runs for 14 rounds plus finals until June.

Nights and Sections do vary but are usually as follows:-


Sections available

# of Eley Park Teams


9 Ladies Doubles

4 Open Doubles    




16 Open Doubles



9 Open Doubles



8 Open Doubles

3 Open Singles/Doubles






For Doubles, a team has 4 players, each of whom play three 6 game sets, tiebreaker at 5 all, each set being with a different partner. The cost is $7 per player per match to cover cost of balls, lights and maintenance.
For Singles/Doubles, a team consists of 3 players, each of whom play 1 singles and 2 doubles x 6 game sets, tiebreaker at 5 all. The cost is $8 ditto.
The Club pays the Team Entry Fee of $25 to the Association.
Home matches begin at 7pm and finish early because we can usually allocate 2 courts per match.
Because we have 8 courts, we could accommodate many new night teams.

The competition is for Members only but teams may play a non-member once or twice rather than forfeit a match –provided the non-member also pays a visitors fee. Note that members enjoy the benefit of the Club Insurance Policy.

More information on the Noticeboard & the Club and BDNTA websites.
Fixtures, Results, Ladders etc on Trols = Tennis Results On Line
John Bruhn, Eley Park Night Comp Convenor.
  9878 8969 0411 137 110 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.